I am currently a senior research fellow at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics at the University of Cologne. I received my doctoral training at the graduate program of the International MBerens_Sarahax Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS–SPCE) of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and the University of Cologne. During my PhD I was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in 2011-2012.

My research interest is in the field of comparative politics, comparative political economy and development politics with an emphasis on low- and middle income economies. I focus on the micro foundation of social policy and taxation in developing countries, taking into account the central characteristics of the informal economy, labor market dualization and clientelism. My most recent projects furthermore explore the impact of crime and crime victimization on political behavior and individual preferences.


June 21st-23rd 2018

Presenting the paper on crime and welfare preferences at EPSA, Vienna.

April 4th-7th 2018

Presenting two papers at MPSA in Chicago. Together with Melina Altamirano (Colmex), and Sandra Ley (CIDE) I organized the panel “Crime, Political Behavior and Policy Preferences“. It was a great pleasure. Many thanks to the paper givers, the wonderful audience and especially to our two highly engaged discussants Sarah Brooks (OSU) and Aldo Ponce (CIDE).

February 2018

Working on a proposal for the recent call of LAPOP to add items on labor informality together with Andy Baker, Germán Feierherd, and Irene Menéndez and supported by individual members of the PESP research network.

January 31st 2018

The call for applications for the PhD  position in the project B03 at University of Cologne is out! Please contact me or Philip Manow if you have further questions on the position.

January 19th 2018

Call for application for the PhD position in the project B03 at University of Bremen is out. The call for the second PhD position, located at University of Cologne, will be out soon.

January 18th 2018

Our article “Welfare State Structure, Inequality, and Public Attitudes Towards Progressive Taxation” (joint work of Margarita Gelepithis, University of Warwick, and me) has just been published online at the Socio-Economic Review.

December 13th-14th 2017

Peter Starke and Marianne Ulriksen from University of Southern Denmark are organizing a second round of the workshop “The left hand and the right hand: Linking the politics of social welfare and crime control” in Copenhagen. I’m looking forward to present insights from the co-authored project together with Melina Altamirano (Colmex) and Sandra Ley (CIDE) on social policy preferences and crime experience in Latin America at the meeting. Thanks for inviting me!

November 27th 2017

The Collaborative Research Center 1342 “Global Dynamics of Social Policy” at University of Bremen was approved by the German Research Foundation! Together with Philip Manow (University of Bremen) I will conduct the project B03 “International Complementarities in the Development of National Welfare States: The Transatlantic Sphere 1870-2020” as principal investigators during the next four years.

October 30th 2017

This Monday I’m giving a talk at the Comparative Political Economy Research Workshop at University of Konstanz on crime victimization and voting behavior in Latin America and the Caribbean. Thanks for having me!

12 pm at Room G308