I am currently a senior research fellow at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics at the University of Cologne. I received my doctoral training at the graduate program of the International MBerens_Sarahax Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS–SPCE) of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and the University of Cologne. During my PhD I was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in 2011-2012.

My research interest is in the field of comparative politics, comparative political economy and development politics with an emphasis on low- and middle income economies. I focus on the micro foundation of social policy and taxation in developing countries, taking into account the central characteristics of the informal economy, labor market dualization and clientelism. My most recent projects furthermore explore the impact of crime and crime victimization on political behavior and individual preferences.


October 30th 2017

This Monday I’m giving a talk at the Comparative Political Economy Research Workshop at University of Konstanz on crime victimization and voting behavior in Latin America and the Caribbean. Thanks for having me!

12 pm at Room G308